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Vietnam Veterans of Australia NSW Branch - Education

One of the objectives of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia is to educate Australians of all ages and develop informed public opinion on matters related to Vietnam service.

All Sub-Branches, will, on request, provide individuals and educational material which can assist both Primary and Secondary schools, regardless of location, in delivering "living history" through individuals who served in Vietnam. The experiences, feelings and consequences to those who served flesh out the bare bones which are provided by the official histories.

More sophisticated and extensive programs are available through the St Marys and Macarthur Sub-Branches.

Further valuable on-line material is provided on the web site of the VVAA National Council, the Australian War Memorial and the National Archives of Australia.

The Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans is an important genealogical tool as well as identifying those who falsely claim service in Vietnam. Users should be aware, however, that a very small number of names have been removed from the roll at the request of the individual and it is not therefore a definitive source.

The Casualty List is a searchable record of those wounded and killed in Vietnam together with an annotation of the nature and site of wounds.

Australian Order of Battle (ORBAT) 1962-1972 is a comprehensive list of the units which served in Vietnam. There have been a few amendments since it was first published. Unit Diaries from the time of the South-East Asian conflicts are also available at the Australian War Memorial

Information about Agent Orange (just one of the chemicals used in Vietnam) is available from the US Department of Veterans Affairs web site. The National VVAA site has information about the range of chemicals and spray maps are available from the Cyber Sarg site

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