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Vietnam Veterans of Australia NSW Branch - Murraguldrie Veterans' Retreat

Retreat Manager & Contact: Richard Salcole 0455 844 777
Visitor Contact: Les White 0428 226 097
David Abbott: 0466 883 552
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The retreat is located in the Murraguldrie State Forest area. The signposted entry is 7km east of the Hume Highway on the Wagga-Tumbarumba Road and the retreat itself is 100m off the main road.


A grove of trees adjacent to the shelter shed provides shade for campers and caravans can be parked throughout the scattered groups of pines.

Shelter Shed

The shelter shed contains a bench and sink in the kitchen area with tables and chairs.


The shelter shed and toilet block are lighted but to operate them you will need to connect a 1KVA generator into the power socket located on the west side of the storage container.

Hot Water

Toilets and showers have a hot water 'donkey' system which operates on twigs and small pieces of wood which can be gathered on-site. It takes about 15 minutes for the water to heat up. The water supply operates on rainwater, so please be sparing with it.

Cooking & Heating

There are fire rings for cooking and there is a wood heater in the shelter shed for use in the cooler months; some wood is available, but again please use it sparingly as the wood has to be cut and transported in.


The retreat is available to veterans and their families and provides good bush camping with basic facilities for both caravans and tents. There is TV and mobile reception at the site.


We operate on a "bring it in - take it out" policy, so please clean up the kitchen area and take any rubbish with you as there is no garbage collection facility.


We ask for a donation towards the operation of the retreat. A donation box and envelopes are on site.

Please enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our bush retreat - take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Murraguldrie Veterans Retreat

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